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[06 Aug 2007|11:23pm]
Once I finish reading this from start to finish I'll be deleting my account.
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[28 Jul 2007|12:16pm]
This is a bad habit.
Tori meets guy. Guy likes Tori. Tori can sort of maybe see herself with guy but then realizes that the future in it is dim and so she shuts him out but that is only after he gets the wrong impression of a likely relationship which she has no intention of getting into.

To clarify, I really only feel bad about one of them.
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[23 Jul 2007|11:25pm]
Good books should never end.
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[05 Jul 2007|10:15pm]
I got a lot on my mind. Grad school, work work work, and Atlanta to name a few. None are necessarily stressful in a negative way but they are occupying my thoughts which kind of distract me from even more pleasant things.
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I love 4th of July because I Love fireworks. I wish I lived in Wyoming and could get them all the time.
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[12 Jun 2007|11:21pm]
Ok, second tattoo down.
Outline of an anchor on the front/inside of my left thigh.

total fucking badass.
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[06 Jun 2007|10:36am]
I woke up scared
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[17 May 2007|12:27pm]
new things: My love of the Sabres and Ryan Miller, my new job slinging beer/cigs/blunt wraps, and the 20lbs I lost junior year

Every thing is just vibrations and I'm feeling fine...
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[27 Mar 2007|11:36pm]
So, I'm living "The Secret" for a week becuase I'm going to review it for Generation.
If anything life changing or affirming happens, I'll let you know. But, for right now I've got to think in the present, believe in it, and pretend the universe if a catalogue.
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[20 Mar 2007|06:13pm]
If Amy comes home this summer, I have this crazy/I need to do it/memorable thing I want us to do. Cape Cod is only 5 hours away, and so if we leave real early one Saturday we should drive all the way out and spend the whole day on Skaket Beach. Then drive the whole way back at night. I'm willing to spend 10 hours driving and 14 hours at the beach.
You in?

(And if The Roots really do play Springfest, my life will be set)
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[12 Mar 2007|09:07am]
I love having an apartment because I love to buy nice pots and pans. This break I've acquired two calphalon omelette pans, a griddle, a belgique pasta pot with built in strainer on top, and those little things you put olive oil in with the spout on top.
it makes me excited to go back and cook!!
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[24 Feb 2007|02:10am]
The world keeps on getting smaller due to the internet.

Now, Lets crunch some Numbers:
7 days til my party party
8 days until I'm 21
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[30 Jan 2007|05:45pm]
I want Ellie to date the guy from Bard in her masters program
I want to meet The Fugees
I want that job at the whole food store near campus
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[13 Jan 2007|02:42pm]
When I got up this morning to put on a pot of coffee, Danielle came out and said "Did you look outside?", I ran to the big bay window that looks out onto the community building and smiled.
It had snowed.
I haven't woke up to a blanket of snow in forever.

Near my bed i have this little slice of wall space, I put pictures of Amy and Melissa up and down it. I feel this will add to the feng shui of my room somehow.
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[07 Jan 2007|06:07pm]
I love having a fireplace in my house.
When my parents have one, I'll bring down my blanket and lay near the fire under it. This way when I bring it up to my room when I go to bed, it'll smell like oak.
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[26 Dec 2006|05:12pm]
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[23 Dec 2006|05:14pm]
I don't care what people think...

I am certainly not a bitch.
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[21 Dec 2006|02:37pm]
today I woke up and read all of The Perks of Being a Wallflower

amy and I just had our first successful book exchange!
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[25 Nov 2006|12:40am]
So, I'm torn.
Very recently I've been debating with myself about whether or not I'm a fan of that mustache that all of the people in The Killers have. This may sound like a shallow conflict, but I'm taking it very seriously.

Also, I completely erase my hatred of Kingston (though not yet for the people who live in it).
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[22 Nov 2006|02:45pm]
Dear Melissa,

Amy and I walked into your empty but wide open house today. It was weird, because I wanted you to be there. Plus, I saw what you got me (sort of) and I love it. Love Love Love it.

Hearts and Pokemonacles,
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[18 Nov 2006|02:27am]
Nothing can compete with a good movie and a bottle of wine. Granted the wine is cheaper than it was before, but it still works. the bed is not a futon, but it still is comfortable. and the movie isn't degrassi

honestly, I need to be home. I wish I could pack up tomorrow and leave.
I wish I was.
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